Buko Shake Foodcart – Buco Loco, Buko Madness and more options

Buko Shake More than Buco Loco Franchise

A very in demand merchandise and street refreshment today is the Buko Shake. I’ve personally seen so many stands mushroom so quickly from small ones to improved and bigger stands offering Buco shake in a bottle. There are also low cost and high cost franchise for foodcart options available and most of them if you ever see one had an advertisement saying you can call their hotline numbers or approach the seller to ask for more information. Otherwise, you can also ask for a brochure or some contact details from the stand or store crew.

Popular options I’ve seen in streets and malls that get the most out of selling this delicious product is Buco Loco, Buko Madness and more. While these are your options to try to buy a franchise, you can actually start your very own as in you can take it while it’s still hot buy from people looking to get value for their money with refreshment that is also delicious and worth the peso from your purse.

If you want to get yourself a stand, foodcart or a franchise of Buko Shake, try to search using Google or try Buco Loco or Buko Madness, Buco Joe, Iskul Buko, Buko Nut and many more.

Inclusions for this Franches Are:

  1. 1 Foodcart / Stand
  2. Uniform and Utensils for Crew
  3. Orientation and Business Training
  4. Free e-Loading Business
  5. Free Products Delivery
  6. Free Site Assistance
  7. Initial Products Worth Php 1,000.00 Only

Please note that the list above is subject to change without prior notice and will also depend on where you will avail or buy your franchise. Other companies that offer this business foodcart have other packages included in their business set.