One of the good investments and cost effective initial capital business franchise in the Philippines today is the foodcart. Why these types of business is easy to handle and put up is because apart from a low initial capital needed to have it fully set up, functional and earning you your ROI, (mostly starts at Php 26,888.00), many business essentials like the handling of the products to sell and the construction of the food cart / kiosk itself is already in one big package.

This is How Our Foodcart Looks

Foodcart Presentation Looks

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9:00 AM/ 1:00 PM/ 3:00PM/ 5:00 PM

Orientation only for about 45 minutes – 1 hour
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Foodcart Franchise Options and Packages:

Siopao Foodcart Package
The Pinoy siopao is perhaps one of the popular franchise business ideas that came from the Chinese. Siopao is a native delicacy back from years ago which Chinese people brought here in the Philippines.For this package choice, just click on the “More Info” to see more details and information from franchise cost to investment inclusions and choices.

Burger Foodcart Package
The Burgeroo franchise is a concept based from one of the streetfood Pinoy favorite. For the hamburger foodcart franchise package choice, just click on the “More Info” image for more details and information.

Dumplings Foodcart Package
The Dumplings foodcart franchise is another one of those popular Chinese delicacies loved by Filipinos. Flavors and variety are actually limitless for as long as you know how to cook this food but with our foodcart business, you won’t have to do that.

For more information, please click “More Info” below.

Fresh Juice Foodcart Package
The Juice foodcart franchise is our answer to summer refreshing drinks. Customers can choose from a variety of locally loved refreshment during summer from samalamig, pearl coolers, shake, sago/gulaman and more.

See more details below.

Fried Noodles Foodcart Package
The Fried Noodles foodcart franchise is your fast becoming hot selling machine. Equipped with the idea of toppings added, this choice for your business venture could help you tap a variety of customers.

Read “More Info” below.

Ice Scramble Foodcart Package
The Icy Pink Scramble foodcart franchise is the sosyal version of what kids and young adults love to have on their mouth with crushed ice, a delicious smelling flavor added with savoury sago and powdered flavors in one.

Know more about this, click “More Info” below!

Pizza Foodcart Package
The Pizza foodcart franchise is also our answer to the pizza lovers out there as well as for those who believe that an investment on this type of franchising venture will click not just in Pinoy’s taste but also with a return on investment.

Know more, read below.

Rice Toppings Foodcart Package
The Rice Toppings foodcart franchise is the fast paced cooking system back a few years ago would never be possible to get offered in food stalls and kiosks.

To know more about this business option, click “More Info“.

Siomai Foodcart Package
The Siomai foodcart franchise (Emperor’s Siomai version) is what young adults and office people likes to eat. My daughter who is 2nd year in UST loves this much.

Packed with garlic flavor, click on “More Info” to find out more about this investment.

Sisig Foodcart Package
The Sisig foodcart franchise is what I loved the most but if you choose this type of kiosk to put up, you have to really find more about it. Not knowing doesn’t mean you cannot be successful on this.

So please click on “More Info” to learn more about this business venture.

Street Food Balls Foodcart Package
And who said that you can sell in a food cart, the eatables we all have learned to love to eat on the corners of Metro Manila? The Street Food Balls foodcart franchise is the answer to this.

Find out how to apply for this franchise, click “More Info” below.

Waffle Foodcart Package
The Waffle foodcart franchise

Shawarma Foodcart Package
The Josh Shawarma foodcart is a celebrity-endorsed franchise

Jopay Siomai Foodcart Package
The Jopay Siomai foodcart is a celebrity-endorsed franchise

2in1 Foodcart Package
The 2 in 1 foodcart franchise, a practical choice for small business venture onlookers who want value for their initial investment by saving Php 10,000.00.

3 in 1 Foodcart Package
The 3 in 1 foodcart franchise

75K All in One Foodcart Package
The 75K All in One foodcart franchise is the most cost-effective choice of all the kiosk concepts. Why, read more information be clicking the image “More Info” below.

All you have to do is find yourself a good place to sell and market your choice of products and go get yourself a business permit and go through all involved small processes like application for your business in malls or a public busy streets in barangays. This way, approval of your application is just a couple of days away.

Operation costs are also very low and cost-effective to a fact that all you need is 1 person to handle everything unless you can make something up to have this small business idea turned into a big selling machine in the mall or a marketplace of your choice. Initial market study will help you be ahead in the competition. Be sure to delve on this particular aspect and devote time before buying yourself any package I am about to sell to you below. Also remember that deliveries and deliverables will take out just a small amount of time from your operational schedules but this can be handled by planning on your operation aspects and continuous learning and maintenance of records. Above are some of the popular cost breakdown and choices for a food cart franchise in the Philippines today.

Believe in Yourself to Be a Successful Entrepreneur:

Just like outsourcing for a BPO service, many entrepreneurs prefer the low cost with little maintenance business investment. Small capital with a bit of luck and careful market study for your selling market will help you succeed and in the long run, take pride of owning your own small business.

Today, in the Philippines, there are literally so many small business ideas with probably more than double the numbers when it comes to entrepreneurs who have exactly what it takes to run a successful business.  If don’t have what it takes to get your ideas for small business up and running, I can definitely help. See my schedules of free seminar / orientation below. Should you need something else from negotiating for a pwesto or business place,  financing, lease terms I could help you with your need. Talk it out with me, Sam Casuncad, your franchise consultant.

Just remember that when you actually buy a franchise, it will absolutely and completely eliminates so much of the hard work needed from finding a location to put up your business, the products to sell, the people to hire for your construction, the transportation of your goods, the people whom you can trust to take under a system and follow guidelines as well as the exact same time needed to handle your business. Just like what I told you above, in outsourcing, you will help yourself ease out the pressure of so much thinking about your business matters as clearly stated above. Our company can provide you the needed materials, products to sell, foodcart to use, materials to get your business cooking and going, training of the people you will hire and more.

When you buy a franchise from us, you buy a system to follow as well so everything else takes just minimal supervision and personalized attention. Little less time will be involved at a small cost of minimum of Php 26,888.00 for a single food cart franchise, all in or your choice of combination 2 in 1, 3 in 1 or all in one at only Php 100, 000.00 high end mall cart.

All franchise our company offers is equipped with an established system wherein all you have to do is to follow for everything else to work out fine for your small business via the foodcart franchising investment. For any question, you can raise them all to our consultants as well as our team leaders and experts in the field so you won’t have to worry about anything else. We have designed it to be like that so both parties will have a guarantee of ease of business flow.

Franchise Application Procedure:


1. Let us talk it out with you for your questions to be answered via attending a FREE ORIENTATION regarding foodcart franchising business and helping you choose which fits your option best. We are available from Monday to Saturday at 1pm / 3pm / 5pm / 7pm. Contact us at 366-3645 / Sun CP: 0932-872-5532 and look for Sam Casuncad.

2. After the orientation and discussion, you are now ready to make your decision and choose what choice of foodcart franchise you would like to buy or get. Our list can be seen above.

2. Fill up the application form.

3. If you already have a final location where you want to place or station your foodcart, provide us a drawing or sketch of your business location choice and we will prepare the right people for an ocular inspection to get it approved for zoning purpose. If you don’t have one yet, you can skip this step to save time.

4. Pay the initial investment bond which may either be by cash, cheque or major credit cards at the cashier in our office.

5. You will be asked to sign the franchise agreement/contract afterwards.

6. Attend the franchise seminar and crew training. (Wednesday 12nn – 3pm ; Saturday 9am – 12nn)

7. Cart fabrication and sourcing of equipment will take 2 to 3 weeks. You can coordinate with the releasing department for the schedule of delivery.

Before the release of your complete foodcart package inclusions, you will be advised of all the contact details of the distributor near your area for product ordering and delivery. You’ll be reminded regarding details about food cart franchising (crew training, food handling, etc) is indicated on the business kit which will be sent to you as well. If you have any questions, this is the time to raise them for an opportunity to get clear answers. All other franchise choice inclusions (equipment, food sampler, crew uniform, etc.) will be delivered together with the food cart.

8. Upon delivery of the complete package, you will have to pay the remaining balance of the cost based from your choice of foodcart franchise package.


1. Decide what food cart you would like to avail. See our list above.

2. Request for an application form by sending an email at or a text message to 0932-872-5532 or by downloading a copy of the said form below and printing it. Fill out all necessary information in those with red box. Scan your application and resend it via email at together with a copy scanned of your valid ID (with complete home address and photo).

3. For those who already have a location where the food cart will be set up, provide us a sketch of the location address, again, have it scanned and send it through e-mail as well (stated above). If no location yet, skip this step.

4. Payment of your franchise cost to the bank. We will provide you with more information regarding this via the email sent back to you upon approval of your location and franchise application.

5. Scan the deposit slip and send it through e-mail (provided above).

6. Send us a txt message to confirm that you have sent the documents for faster transaction (0932-872-5532). We will process your franchise application in one day. Wait for the scanned official receipt that will be sent to you.

7. It’s finally time for franchise agreement/contract signing wherein all papers and procedures will be sent via dhl/ fedex/ lbc.

8. Cart fabrication and sourcing of equipment will take 2 to 3 weeks. Coordinate with the releasing department for the schedule of delivery. Before the release, you will be advised of all the contact details of the distributor near your area for product ordering. All details about food cart franchising(crew training, food handling, etc) is indicated on the business kit which will be sent to you as well. All other inclusions (equipment, food sampler, crew uniform, etc.) will be delivered together with the food cart.

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